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Protect your Business, Employees & Customers.

Video security cameras transmit high-resolution images to Digital Video Recorders (DVR) & Network Video Recorders (NVR). NovaTech installs, repairs, and maintains Digital & Network Video Recorders. Whether your business needs a new VMS or a maintenance visit, we can help. Our systems are easy to use and reliable, and we are standing by to assist you.

Monitor with DVR and NVR Here, There and Everywhere

Automatic Recording & Remote Monitoring made it easy.

Advanced DVR & NVR systems record motion-based or continuous video so you can easily view recorded events. Network-friendly Video Recorders connect users to multiple locations at once from any computer or mobile device.


Never Miss A Beat With Quality HD+ Security Cameras

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NovaTech vigorously tests hundreds of CCTV products and selects only the highest quality security cameras to install at your facility. Our goal is to offer you the best possible solution that meets your budget. Below is a brief overview of the most effective type of cameras which we can utilize at your business.

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Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras provide a 360-degree crime deterrent since the actual direction of the camera inside of the dome cannot be seen.

Dome cameras offer protection from weather & vandals while easily blending into indoor or outdoor environments.

  • Vandal, dust & waterproof
  • Indoor & outdoor dome cameras
  • Smoke or mirror finish
  • White, black & beige
  • Infrared & night-vision available
  • Wide & high zoom angle lens
  • Pan Tilt Zoom with remote control
Hikvision Dome Cameras(1)

Bullet Cameras

Infrared Bullet Cameras

High Definition Infrared Night Vision Cameras will illuminate the darkest areas for a clear video recording in zero light.

Infrared cameras come in many shapes and sizes. NovaTech will help you select the right camera every time.

  • Infrared bullet cameras
  • Infrared dome cameras.
  • Indoor & outdoor infrared cameras.
  • Additional infrared illuminators.
  • Auto IR LED activation in low light.
  • High-quality waterproof casings.
  • High Definition with the varifocal zoom lens.

Specialty Cameras

Specialty Cameras

Professional full-size/box cameras deliver HD video and can be outfitted with a varifocal, auto-iris lens to achieve a perfect shot every time.

  • Automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR)
  • Special cameras are designed to see in the dark and recognize license plates